Which Vitamix Should I Buy?

Which Vitamix Should I Buy?

First, let me tell you a little about me and how I can get you the best deal on a Vitamix:

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I’ve been a Vitamix rep for going on almost a year now.  I’ve sold hundred of Vitamix blenders and talked to thousands of Vitamix owners.  One of the most frequent questions I get from potential Vitamix owners is, “Which Vitamix Should I Buy?”  It’s not always easy to tell the different models apart. 

The chart below illustrates the differences among some of the most common models available today.  There’s no such thing as a bad Vitamix model, but some have more features than others. 

It all depends on your price range.  When asking, “Which Vitamix Should I Buy?”, check out the list below and decide on the features you want. 

Unless mentioned, every model is made in the USA and comes with a Tamper, Getting Started DVD, and recipe book, as well as a 7-year warranty. The containers are all BPA-free.

To learn more about a particular model or get more detailed answers, Contact Me.  I can order them directly from Vitamix, have them shipped directly to you for free, and often get you a better deal than anywhere else (retail or online).  Contact me for more information.

If you too are asking, “Which Vitamix Should I Buy,” this should help answer the question. 

Model Name:Variable Speed? (Adjustable 1-10)Presets? (Timed Programs)Shorter Height?Colors?Peak HP of motor? (Power)Accessories/Notes?How to Purchase:
TurboBlend Two SpeedNoNoNoBlack2Contact Me
Vitamix CIA Professional SeriesYesNoNoStainless Steel, Onyx, Red, Platinum2Contact Me
Vitamix TurboBlend VS BlenderYesNoNoBlack2Comes with Filtration BagContact Me
Vitamix 5200YesNoAvailable with shorter 48 oz. container, but standard is 64 oz.. Also available in packages with 32 oz. container .Depends on price. Available in black, white, red, and stainless steel or platinum2Contact Me
Vitamix 6300YesYesNoBlack, White, Red, Platinum2Contact Me
Vitamix 7500YesNoYesBlack, Red, White2.2Contact Me
Vitamix Pro 200YesNoNoBlack2Contact Me
Vitamix Pro 300YesNoYesBlack, Red2.2Contact Me
Vitamix Pro 500YesYes (3)YesBrushed Stainless2Contact Me
Vitamix Pro 750YesYes (5)YesBrushed Stainless2.2Contact Me
Creations EliteYesNoYes (48 oz. container)Black, White2.25-year warrantyContact Me
Creations IIYesNoYes (48 oz. container)Black, White25-year warrantyContact Me
Creations GCYesNoNoBlack, White2+5-year warrantyContact Me

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