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Posted by on Jul 30, 2013 in Recipes, Videos | 3 comments

Can the Vitamix Replace a Food Processor?

Can the Vitamix Replace a Food Processor? 

People often ask, “Can the Vitamix Replace a Food Processor?”

Absolutely.  Let’s start with something easy, like vegetables.

A food processor is typically used to chop or mix ingredients.  If you’re making a salsa, a chopped salad, guacamole, etc., you would place your ingredients in the container and use a low setting (1-4) on the Variable dial to get a nice, rough chop.  You really only need to pulse for a few seconds to get that rough chop. 

The video above shows the Vitamix being used to chop carrots, but you could do the same with greens, cauliflower, herbs, or any type of organic material.  Harder vegetables and fruits like beets may take a little more finagling, but don’t be afraid to kick the Variable speed a little higher while using your tamper to push those items down into the blade.


Another answer to the “Can the Vitamix replace a food processor?” question is when it comes to whipping or making emulsions. 

Can the Vitamix Replace a Food Processor?The words “emulsion” or “emulsify” are often used incorrectly.  When you emulsify something, you’re not just blending ingredients; you’re taking two substances that don’t go together, like oil and water, and whipping them so hard and fast that they are now chemically interspersed and will not separate. 

Chefs often use food processors or mixers to make common emulsions like mayonnaise.  You can also do so by hand, but that takes longer and is more strain on your wrist and arm.

It takes about 20 seconds to make mayonnaise and other emulsions in the Vitamix.

What Else?

Plenty.  Peanut and other nut butters, shredded cheese, dips and spreads like pesto or hummus, soups and sauces; virtually anything a food processor can do, a Vitamix can do better.


Can the Vitamix replace a food processor?  You betcha.  These are just a few examples of how to do so.  

But what about you?  How do you use your Vitamix?  Leave a comment below and let us know!


  1. Love it! PLEASE make more videos/posts like this so I can learn all the awesome things my vitamix can do! This makes learning it so much easier! Especially for a single mom who has no time to research and experiment!

  2. Thanks, Carley! More to come. Stay tuned…

  3. I love the way you demonstrate. A little bit sad didn’t see the close up of the result. But i like your video though. Please make more if you can. I bet a lot other want too. Much appreciated!

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