What do you do when your job involves drinking alcohol?

Last week I had a great conversation with a friend of mine who works in an industry where she’s around beer and wine all the time. She’s extremely knowledgeable on the subject, and it’s actually part of her job.

Recently she realized that drinking has become an escape for her, and more so than she would consider to be healthy. It was also allowing her to avoid facing some insecurities and relationship issues. She’s not an alcoholic, but realized that she’s drinking more than she should be and for some of the wrong reasons.

She has made some major lifestyle changes, but still struggles with how much drinking is okay.

My suggestion to her was this: Since she is in an industry where beer and wine aren’t just alcoholic drinks, but are considered food, why not treat it like food?

That means think about, and potentially even keep a journal of her thoughts on each drink and how it tastes, what kind of food it would pair well with, etc. When she hits that blurry line between intellectualism and escapism, that the indication when to stop. 

That way, she is using the more “thinking” part of her brain, and being aware of each drink, instead of allowing her emotions to take over.

No one says this process is easy; limiting both alcohol and food involve a lot of willpower. But that can come from practice and determination.

What would your suggestion be in this situation?  When you’re in times of food-or-beverage-related peril, what helps you just say no?  Leave your suggestion in the comments below.

P.S. Thanks to www.nickiherman.com for the cool pic.

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