What speeds should I use on the Vitamix?

When you’re blending almost any kind of soup, smoothie, or frozen dessert, you’re going to do most of your blending on “High.”  You would start at 1, turn up to 10 (over about 3-5 seconds), then flip up to the “High” setting if your machine has it.  If your machine has presets on it, you can either use the preset, or use the above instructions (minus switching from Variable to High).

To add texture items to your soups, blend the soup on High, and after 6-8 minutes, drop the Variable dial down to 1.  At that speed, you can add ingredients for texture without the machine homogenizing everything like it did for the broth.  If you add larger items like chicken breasts or large tomatoes, you may need to quickly pulse the dial up to 5 or so.

To add texture to your ice cream, make the main mixture on high, and then drop it down to a 4 to add the ingredients (chocolate chips, nuts, fruit) through the hole in the lid.  Use the tamper to push those ingredients into the moving blade.  Make sure the lid is on, however.

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