Are Apple Seeds Poisonous?

Many people think apple seeds contain arsenic and are poisonous.

This is not true.  But it’s not completely false.

Apple seeds contain a tiny, tiny amount of a cyanide.  When you eat them, your body metabolizes the toxin and you’re at a relatively low risk of any harm.  You’d have to eat a whole bushel of apple’s worth of seeds to feel the effects. 

However, grinding up the seeds does release the harmful compounds in the seeds. 

So, the long and short of it is to try not to eat apple seeds or put them in your smoothies.  However, if you inadvertently drop a few into a smoothie, no need to panic.

If you suspect you’ve eaten a lot of apple seeds for some reason, and are starting to feel any sort of nausea or ill effects, call your local poison control center.

Posted in: General Nutrition Info

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